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Finding the Perfect Touch of ‘Cow’

This time last year we were full steam ahead with preparations for Molly and Andy’s June wedding.

The Beautiful Bride

The ceremony and reception were being held at a picturesque farm… and not just any farm.  Molly’s family has been on the dairy farm for three generations, and she’s the fourth.  Not to mention, Molly grew up in 4H and entered a dairy cow every year at the county fair.

It was important to the bride and her family that the tie to the farm and dairy cows be part of the décor, but it couldn’t be the main focus.  Even a devoted 4H-er doesn’t want a cow themed wedding.

Bringing in touches of cows… we had to get creative.  Mom Lyn, a former county commissioner, had lots of leftover yard campaign signs.  A talented friend had used them to make a life-size cardboard cow a few months back.

The Cow's First Public Appearance

Remember, sentimental finds are great for decoration, but you don’t want to ruin

Molly's 4H Ribbons

When guests began arriving they were directed to make their way up toward the house

Molly Seating Chart
Ready to greet the guests!


If the cow piqued your interest, check out more pictures of Molly & Andy’s June wedding in the photo gallery.

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