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Sarah + Mike

Sarah and Mike were looking forward to welcoming guests from near and far and wanted a centrally located wedding venue. Lucky for everyone, Antrim 1844 was in the middle of their map. We scheduled a visit and of course fell in love with this beautiful property, and as it turned out there was a spot available, just six months away! A quick check in with family and friends confirmed that most everyone was on board with a December 23 wedding, so we got to work.

Such a festive spirit as the guests began to arrive on wedding day! The mansion and other charming guest houses on the property were full of family and friends ready to celebrate. As the sun began to set beautiful bride Sarah was escorted by her dad to the Pavilion, where the wedding ceremony was performed by Sarah’s brother. Following the ceremony, the new bride and groom received their guests under the Christmas tree back in the Mansion, while the capable staff at Antrim flipped the Pavilion and Garden Room for the reception to follow.

What a wonderful night it was, with crackling fires, delicious food, gorgeous holiday decorations and love and laughter throughout. Many toasts were made, and guests had a hard time deciding which of the delicious pies they’d have for dessert. As the evening came to a close, Sarah presented a cake to her new husband “to celebrate his 28th birthday and 1st wedding” as unbeknownst to most, it was Mike’s birthday. All agreed he’ll never forget his anniversary date!

Happy Anniversary Sarah and Mike, and wishes for many more! We love you!


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