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How it all began…

Broad View Events has been in the making for years.

Owner Leanne Cobb with her family

Owner Leanne Cobb with her family – Broad View Events is a family affair!

My sister Nancy and I started decorating homes and storefronts back in the 90’s.  With seven children between the pair of us, we always enjoyed the chance to get out of the house, stretch our creativity, and make something beautiful.  That being said, it was always something of a casual endeavor, never amounting to more than a side business.

Over the years, Nancy and I, as well as our other sisters, have continued showing off our design talents with (what some might consider) over the top Thanksgiving tables, baby shower décor, and summer cookouts, among other things.  The ‘design eye’ is something that comes naturally to us and something that we all enjoy sharing with others.

When my husband, our three girls, and I moved to Broad View Farm in the summer of 2002 we fell in love with our 19th century farm house and accompanying barn.  We threw a couple parties in the barn and even one small wedding, but it wasn’t until a decade later that Broad View Events truly started showing itself as a business possibility.

My daughter Jillian got engaged to then-boyfriend Jeremy, and they wanted to get married on the family farm.  As you’ll see from many pictures on this site and on our Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, it was a fabulous success.

The early autumn ceremony was in our peach orchard, the reception followed in the barn.  We stuck to a ‘harvest’ theme, with sunflowers from the garden and wheat shocks from the fields, accenting tables and displays with rusted reds and warm orange tones.  Everything was done on a budget, but it didn’t stop us from creating the wedding of Jillian’s dreams.

It didn’t take long for the calls and Facebook messages to start rolling in.  Friends, family, and strangers were asking if our services were for hire!  Since then, Broad View Events has planned and designed several weddings in West Virginia and nearby Virginia, and each was more beautiful than the last.

The steady entrance into the events business over the last five years has come to an end.  I’ve stretched my legs, have my team, and am ready to hit the ground running.  So, take a look at what we can do and get in touch if you’d like to do it together.


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