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Bookworm Bliss

Oakleigh and Raf are book-loving scientists – she’s from Shepherdstown, West Virginia and he’s from the Dominican Republic. They wanted to combine their passion for literature and their family cultures in a unique wedding celebration that would stay within their researchers’ paychecks budget.  There was so much detail in the reception décor that I decided these pictures needed their own blog space! Enjoy these images by the ladies at The Honest Love (

We came up with a library-esque vibe in the old barn complete with a “bookcase” made by installing wallpaper on panels that screwed into the barn posts.

Book Wallpaper Wall
Book themed Kings Table
Book Centerpieces and Vintage Encyclopedia Page Placemats
Painted Dried Foliage on Kings Table
Chapter Quotes in Spanish
This wedding cake was adorned with handmade paper flowers from vintage book pages.
Oakleigh and Raf's First Look

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