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An Outdoor April Wedding

The bride-to-be is a teacher. The groom was in pharmacy school. They wanted to get married at the bride’s grandparent’s home in Northern Virginia. They wanted to do it in April since they’d both be on Spring Break. Oh, and it had to be outside.

Blue Barn at wedding site

The groom woodburned the sign that pointed the way for guests.

This planner admits, I tried to gently push them towards the summer. When it comes to the weather I’m always hopeful for a beautiful day, but also realize that there’s no predicting Mother Nature. Part of my job is to make sure that my couples have a solid Plan B if blue skies turn gray. For Katie and Andy’s wedding that plan included generous tenting, a solid dance floor, and sidewalls at the ready. Because while the April temps in the DMV area can hit the 70’s, they can also plummet to the 30’s.

We set up the day before and that evening it poured rain. But wedding day dawned calm and beautiful, with warmer temps than average.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in April

The wedding ceremony was held outdoors at the bride’s grandparents’ home in Northern Virginia.

The tables were set with centerpieces made from logs cut on the property. Not knowing if there would be spring blooms we opted for silk flowers in the wedding colors of purples and spring green. The groom woodburned each of the table numbers, again using wood from the family property.

Wedding Centerpieces made from logs on the property

Wedding centerpieces using wood from the family property, with shades of purple and green.

Beautiful bride

Beautiful bride Katie standing in the window overlooking the ceremony site.

The bride and her grandparents planted over 1200 tulip bulbs in shades of purple, timed to bloom the week of the wedding. Those flowers decided not to cooperate (although they were gorgeous three weeks later) but a happy surprise was the late forsythia that bloomed all over the property, creating a stunning backdrop from every angle.

Groomsmen and the Blue Barn

Gorgeous forsythia as a backdrop for these handsome guys!

Bridesmaids walking in

Warmer the average temperatures let the bridesmaids show off these gorgeous purple dresses.

A glowing bride!

Beautiful bride and maid of honor. Love the bouquets of sweet peas in shades from lavender to violet.

After the ceremony guests grabbed a cocktail and wandered this amazing property. Sunscreen was actually applied by a few as the bright sun shone and temperatures climbed into the 70s.

Cocktail hour by the pool

Cocktail hour by the pool

Sunshiny forsythia backdrop for this bride and groom

Sunshiny forsythia backdrop for this bride and groom

Dinner, toasting and dancing followed. The luscious chocolate wedding cake, frosted to look like a wood log, was devoured by the guests.

Maid of Honor Toast

Maid of Honor Sarah’s Wedding Toast

These two! A fun Mother/Son Dance.

These two! A fun Mother/Son Dance.

Chocolate wedding cake with bark curls, decorated with purple hydrangea.

The Chocolate Wedding Cake was decorated with chocolate bark curls and purple hydrangea.

No one wanted this love-filled, sun-soaked day to end, but as the sun began to set the bride and groom had their final dance and made their exit, showered with rose petals.

Katie and Andy make their exit, showered with rose petals.

Katie and Andy making their exit.

And if a few stragglers wanted to play as we started the cleanup from this sweet wedding, well, what was the harm in that?

A little flower girl fun

A little flower girl fun

P.S. Four days later? Snow showers!


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